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Aryan Church founder Richard Butler was reportedly incensed. On Sept. Mazurek says the Freemen group succeeds in agricultural areas where people have gotten in financial trouble with banks. Beckman's anti-Semitic views emerge in his book, The Church Deceived. Although the new landowner, Getter Trucking Co.

The maverick tax protester vowed to stand his ground.

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The minority people always seem to get the short end of the stick. Sypes embraced the Klan as a teenager while attending reform school in Oakland. He is hopeful that a recent Supreme Court decision guaranteeing access to clinics will send a message to pro-life activists who have tried to bar women from entering the facilities. Lesbians, sex perverts, child molester advocates, Christian haters, and the most doctrinaire of communists, whose goal is to end American sovereignty and bring about a global Marxist paradise. In January, a rally titled "No More Wacos' was held on Beckman's behalf, and people, including several individuals associated with hate groups, turned out in support.

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A few years ago, Gordon Kahl, a farmer loosely affiliated with Posse Comitatus, shot and killed three law enforcement officials in Medina, N. He escaped to Arkansas and died months later in another shootout with authorities. Cochran says violence is revered in many Aryan circles. Inthe Montana Legislature enacted a statute defining hate crimes as malicious intimidation or harassment relating to civil or human rights.

Equally troubling to Mazurek are the more recent fire bombings of abortion clinics in both Missoula and Helena. Within two weeks pipe bombs exploded at other locations. Many of the members of these protest groups were willing to take advantage of loans and government services, but they are not willing to accept responsibility for repayment of their part of the bargain, he adds. That's because everyone is lying low and the skinhe have grown their hair out.

In Hamilton, a black man found a cross burning on his lawn. Although the liens can be removed, they can cause major inconvenience.

Montana Attorney General Joe Mazurek says it's hardly a mystery why an increasing of Montanans - and Westerners in general - have embraced the radical right. Last month, the Montana Human Rights Network, a private, non-profit organization formed to counter the radical right, issued a warning.

It is another matter when an individual unwittingly s a group he believes can help him with tax problems or help save his farm or because he is concerned about gun control, only to be "brought along" into increasingly extreme and radicalized philosophies which are destructive to the individual and society.

In Idaho, inCatholic priest Bill Wassmuth went head to head with the far right and nearly lost his life as a result. It says some very violent things in the Old Testament and believe me, some people take it as God's word. Environmentalism is also a target, in part thanks to talk radio hosts Rush Limbaugh and Chuck Harder, who decry "pagan nature worshipers. Nowhere is this ideology more strident than in Garfield County and the small ranching town of Jordan, situated in the belly of Montana.

Disciples of this philosophy claim that federal and state laws are not applicable to them, nor need they pay taxes. He says black kids beat him up every day. Leaders of the Christian Identity movement, which holds that white northern Europeans are God's chosen people, claim 70, members nationwide, and many have been encouraged to move to Montana.

They Jews are still with us today, still worshipping their god, Satan, and they are still stealing from the people They are the ones who schemed and conspired to create a Federal Reserve Banking System.

In a confession, the bombers said it was their original intention to throw a bomb through Wassmuth's bedroom window and assassinate him. I don't see any advantages to being a white minority.

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The turning point came inwhen his son was about to have surgery to repair a cleft palate. In Missoula, Mont. Last year, when local rancher Paul Berger was arrested by U. Fish and Wildlife Service agents for allegedly poisoning eagles, anti-government sentiment came to a boil.

Through a little-known legal tactic, they also started filing multimillion-dollar liens on the property of county officials in an effort to harm their credit ratings. The soft-spoken man with a Robert E. Lee beard is also a field general in the "Militia Of Montana," a paramilitary survivalist organization formed to fight what it perceives as oppression by the federal government. I would just talk with people, not shout racial epithets or carry a gun or make violent-sounding remarks or wear a uniform with swastikas.

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Fifteen years ago, Beckman refused to pay taxes and lost his property to a foreclosure sale. You want them to believe that you feel for them, that you are there to be their friend. Threatened with the loss of jobs and traditional uses of the land, they fear they are losing control of their lives, he says. Additionally, someone convicted of another crime may have their sentence increased up to 10 years if the crime was motivated by race or any of the other included in the malicious intimidation statute.

History has demonstrated that individuals who subscribe to this ideology are capable of acting in a violent manner. I was stunned. To some, the year-old resident of Noxon, Mont. The Human Rights Network understands the temptation to portray this conflict as a confrontation between David rugged individualist Beckman and Goliath the evil bureaucrats. Only common law adopted by the county in which they live and enforced by the local sheriff need be respected. The one threat to freedom, Trochman says, is the recently passed Brady Bill, which bans the sale of semi-automatic assault rifles.

That is clearly a right we all have, a right which is critical to our free society. Unfortunately, the end result is the romanticizing of individuals who promote some very bigoted ideas. At that time, Cochran was Sluts in Noxon mo influential member of the Aryan tribe, traveling from town to town across the Northwest as its chief spokesman and recruiter.

Home, home on the range … where neo-nazis and skinhe roam

This spring, Beckman was evicted from his land by sheriff's deputies and his house razed by the owner. The law makes it a crime to maliciously intimidate or harass a person because of race, creed, religion, color, national origin, or involvement in civil rights or human rights activities. Calling themselves Freemen and "Sovereigns' who are not answerable to federal jurisdiction, they formed their own grand jury and issued bounties on county officials who administer property foreclosures.

At a meeting in Bozeman, Trochman first showed a video detailing alleged government complicity in the assassination of President John F. Then, as the featured speaker, he told how the United Nations is working to overthrow the U. Weaver was later acquitted of major charges, thanks to a defence mounted by famed Wyoming attorney, Gerry Spence.

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Each of the dozen or so militia forums held around the state since February has attracted, on average, about people. I'd like to see these trends reversed. I don't know if that's being racist, but any black person can tell you that being a minority isn't a positive thing, no matter where it is.

This legislation was adopted in response to growing concern over the increased presence and activity of white supremacists in Montana. In other words, if you want peace, prepare for war.

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At the last minute they changed their mind. I must admit, it was a great method for fund raising.

David Roach, a spokesman for Rep. Pat Williams, D-Mont. David Lane, one of the men imprisoned for violating Berg's civil rights, is, according to Cochran, the brother-in-law of Carl Franklin, the "archbishop" of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian, in Noxon, Mont. Billings police officials say they likely will use this law to prosecute those responsible for attacks last year against Jews, Native Americans and gay men. Mazurek said the statute has been used a handful of times.

The spotted owl issue was "affirmative action for birds," he told receptive audiences. Trochman returns to a table where pamphlets explain why militias must be formed before it is too late.

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In May, the U. Debra Parmantler, who lives in Utah, told law enforcement officials that she documented the plan in her diary and that the plotters in New York, Idaho and Wyoming intended to gather July in either Hungry Horse, Mont. In the early s, a group of Aryans who are affiliated with a violent spin-off group known as The Order left the compound in northern Idaho and murdered Denver radio personality Alan Berg after he taunted white supremacists on the air.

Christian Identity and the KKK lure some in by promising a helping hand in battling the enemy, whether that enemy is the federal government, the local bank or environmentalists. To others, he is a fanatic, preparing fellow zealots for a bloody confrontation with law enforcement officials. More than 1, people showed up to decry white suprem-acists, and Wassmuth appeared on television, warning that hate groups in Idaho would not be tolerated. These days Trochman invokes David Koresh and the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, as other examples of how the government is trying to squelch liberty.

It is one thing when an individual s a Klan Sluts in Noxon mo with a full understanding of the Klan's beliefs. The Montana Human Rights Network, which has closely tracked the family trees of hate groups, says that some ranchers and loggers have been duped by groups that claim to have moderate agendas. While the rest of the country may view the state as a playground for tourists and reclusive Hollywood celebrities, Montana's rural topography and individualistic tradition have made it a magnet for the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Nation, the American Nazi Party, the Christian Identity movement, and an array of tax protesters such as the Freemen, Constitutional Militia, and Posse Comitatus.

The proliferation of fringe groups worries many residents of Big Sky country. Although Berger admitted that he killed several eagles because they threatened his livestock, he later denied the confession captured on videotape by a CNN reporter and used the government raid as an excuse to attack the Endangered Species Act. Eventually, Berger was acquitted, but his arrest fueled a group of tax protesters who staged a revolt that has spread to other Montana counties. Nearby, members of the Militia of Montana hawk dozens of videotapes.