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I attached a dare to post and as I like to remind everyone I am a bad girl who likes bad boys and other bad girls too.

More photos of us to place on the site please. The fancy ones were from about 5 years ago the other pics are quite recent.

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We dare to do this again with some pictures. She loves to pose and show her bbw body for all to see. I was so Schuyler loves getting a blowjob and I love getting my little pussy licked. Appreciate it. I finally made it outside!!!

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We put them to good use! Hi, It's been awhile since I posted, but I'm back with a new dare for everybody to Hi, Some sexy amateur women posing in a naughty and sensual manner. Just a little backyard fun!! I recently lost a bet with my husband and he requested a post for payback. Eddy here to let you know Samantha is as hot as ever and enjoying her new bathroom cock!

Macey - "Suction Dildo in the Shower" Hi, I took these pictures of Macey in the shower to try out our new purchase and I'd say it went well judging by the amount of fun she had I received so many s from our first post. Captivate - "Hubby caught me in the Shower" Hi, Hi again. C's Lover - "What would you do with my Backside? Tell us what you like?

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I tried a dare with a lost bet over a year ago I think and it worked out well. I took these pictures of Addie after she asked for my empty beer bottle. I can't wait for summer to get here. Thanks to everyone who ed Macey and especially the ones who included their pictures. Luckily we always carry a "car kit" so she can get busy whenever she wants!

Truth or Dare Blog. I hope you enjoy these pics too. We are just venturing into exhibitionism, and Michelle loves to show off her gorgeous body.

Emma - "imagine you found her like this?"

A couple months back she was in a minor accident and has a large scar now and ever since she's felt that she's not attractive anymore. I LUV todp, and still check it before bed. I am Kessinger and I love sharing her pictures. Thanks to everyone who has been helping me gain confidence before doing this.

Mathilde - "My new Fuck Harness! Joyce loves to pose. It's nice to be back. If I didn't get back to you yet I am working on it. After giving it to her so good on her back he stood TODP Chat.

Amalia - "Anyone for some Boobs? We said we would show you pics from inside our room. Girls outside in nature, in their yards So if you all remember, last dare we said we would get you pictures of a penis inside her that wasn't mine. Princess Yu Naked under her Coat! Can't wait to get back to the man we found online initially. Curvy Kelly - "I finally made it Outside!

Here are a few pics of my wife, she has an amazing body with a big butt. Please help me to entertain myself, What would you lovely people Fairyella - "Do the Tattoos look better with a Dildo inside Her? Thanks for the compliments on her tattoos.

My wife "B" is a sexy woman both in and out of the bedroom and we would like to get your opinions on her. Karen - "Oral Practice" Hi, Thanks for the s on my dare. Boat Wife - "Boob Flash on the Water" Hi, My wife loves to go out and play on the boat and loves it when I dare her to show me her beautiful titties and any thing else she wants to take off. If you like her pics, please let me know. Thank you for all your sexy comments. I haven't posted in a while. Abri - "Anyone want to Lick my Lolipop?

Some photos of sex? Of public nature? How is everyone? Lisa was thrilled with your s about her pictures and her shyness is rapidly going away.

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Thanks to you all. Here are some more pictures of me during some oral practice. She was 'happy' to say the least, if you get my meaning. Naughty Hot Mom - "Her Older Male Part 5" Hi, After giving her a proper fucking from behind as she bent over for him in front of the large window with the wide open curtains he moved her to the bed I did dare her to allow me to some of her pictures on the site because I thought she was beautiful enough that others would want to see her too. What a rush!!! E-Louise - "What do you want to see Next? Girls outside in nature Wife Andrea - "Vacation Sex" Hi, Here are more pics of my wife Andrea, this time she is on vacation having sex with some of her lovers?

Fairyella is proud of them. How do they look in these pics? I thought it would be like every other site out there with no class. She was at the mall and she noticed that the guy's selling cell phones from the kiosk in the center of the mall are pretty persistent and will follow you a few steps telling you that Grab Me - "Will you click my Send Button?

Wednesday, May 26, Emma - "Imagine you found her like This? What would you do if you came home and found her like this? We are happy to post another dare and continue to post to this exceptional site.

Truth or dare blog

Aussie Girl - "Continuation of me using my Dildo! Lots of s asking for another dare and so we are happy to. Tell us if you like her photos. So many s it was amazing! Girls outside in nature, in their yards, Addie - "But she doesn't like Beer? It's always such a relief to get positive feedback.

To keep it less awkward, How are you all? Bare Brix - "I sent these to his Cousin! Nice response!

It's so sexy and exciting reading all your comments. My husband has been after me to look at the site with him and I've resisted as we women do. One dare coming up. One had a dare that intrigued me. Hopefully you'll like what you see and give me a juicy review on my pictures.